Automatic Rotary Screen Printing Machine for Garments
Create flawless prints effortlessly with our automatic garment printing machine! Our upgraded rotary screen printing technology guarantees precision and reduces material waste by eliminating production errors. Whether you require small or high-volume printing, our latest machine ensures swift and efficient production. Bid farewell to those defective rotary garment screen printing machines currently on the market. Say goodbye to inefficiencies and high expenses and take advantage of the garment printing machine‘s capabilities today!

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If you‘re an expert in Octopus rotary garment screen printing machines, you know how frustrating it can be when the color registration problem is caused by accumulative errors and lead to many wastes. 

 Our upgraded rotary screen printing machine has completely solved this problem! 
Now, you can enjoy a more efficient and accurate printing process, with less waste and fewer headaches. We‘re excited to introduce this new technology to the industry and can‘t wait to see the impact it will have.

Have you encountered similar challenges in your printing work?

Patented Automatic Rotary Screen Printing Machine 

Machine basic information:

Available colors: 3-8 
Printing table size for option( cm): 30*40 / 40*60/ 50*70 / 60*80 /70*80
                       Printing areas(cm): 20*30 / 30*40 /40*60 /50*70/ 60*80
                                   Max speed: 1380 pcs/hour ( depends on the number of color)
                         Standard voltage: 380V/50HZ
          Color registration tolerance:  ±0.05mm

Max printing plates: 16 stations
Apply for Tshirts,textile, shoe patches, paper, leather, umbrellas, socks, garments, gloves, non-woven bags, textile patches

Umbrella Printing

Leather Patch Printing

Thicken Printing

Non-woven bag printing

Tshirts printing

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