3D Patented Table Screen Printing Equipment

This machine can help you to sovle below printing issues:

1. Silicone and others 3D appearance printing overprinting more than 20 times
2. Overprinting on heat transfer films, exquisite printing quality. 
3. Repeat printing of small label letters result in high definition and accuracy printing quality.
4. Dot to dot multi-colors mixture screen printing, color registration is highly accurate and stable.

Send inquiry to us for details and performance video if any interesting.

Patented product, any counterfeiting not allowed ! The violator will be prosecuted for legal responsibility!

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Patented 3D Flatbad Table Screen Printing Machine :

It is different from the market ones, inside build-in charging battery and  integrated with external pneumatics, and 100%  frame lift system. 
Make the operation is more convenient and simple. Help you save a lot of time to fix the machine during production. 
Performance of the upgraded version is much more stable than market ones.

Application to all kinds of plane surface, unlimited materials. 
Such as: label ribbons, elastic tapes, textile tapes, garments, shoe patches, heat transfer films , lanyards, etc.
Printing inks: water slurry, mucilage, printing inks, pigment, rubber paste, silicone, etc.
Color registration: Tolerance +_0.001mm after more than 20 times overprinting.

Highlight Merits:
1.Use of unlimited close to the manual scraping of the alignment and printing system.
2.Real realization of intelligent and Simple operation.
3.High accuracy of color-registration and stable performance. 100%  accuracy after 20+ times of overprinting.
4. Work on common printing table, use common positioning metal parts. 
5. It is one set of intelligent printer that can real replacement for labors. It can help you to solve many of the printing issues you have encountered.

Printed Samples:

Silicone Ink Overprinting Samples:

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